Carole Nash Reveals Unlucky Postcodes for Bikers & Scooter Riders

Motorcyclists in Harrow are most likely to suffer a motorbike accident which wasn’t their fault, making it the unluckiest postcode in the UK, according to a new study. 

The research from leading motorcycle insurance broker, Carole Nash, analysed 16 years of claims data and discovered that a biker’s postcode is a large contributing factor when it comes to misfortune. The top six ‘unluckiest’ postcodes can all be found in London, with the least fortunate being Harrow – two thirds of accident claims in the HA postcode were not the fault of the rider.  

The unluckiest postcodes, which suffer the highest rate of non-fault accidents:  

2.       HA – Harrow – 66% 

3.       CR – Croydon – 59%  

4.       SM – Sutton – 57%  

5.       EN – Enfield – 56% 

6.       NW – North West London – 56% 

7.       UB – Southall – 55% 

8.       DA – Dartford – 54% 

9.       ME – Rochester – 54% 

10.   CT – Canterbury – 54%  

11.   TR – Truro – 54%  

Over half of motorbike claims in Dartford, Rochester, Canterbury and Truro aren’t the rider’s fault, making these four cities the unluckiest postcodes outside of the capital. Conversely, the Scottish town of Galashiels has the lowest rate of non-fault accidents (26%) – just two fifths of the rate in the unluckiest postcode.  

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Postcodes with the lowest rate of non-fault accidents:   

1.       TD – Galashiels – 26%  

2.       HX – Halifax – 28%  

3.       DD – Dundee – 29%  

4.       TS – Cleveland – 33% 

5.       KA – Kilmarnock – 34%  

6.       FK – Falkirk – 34%  

7.       AB – Aberdeen – 34%  

8.       EH – Edinburgh – 35%  

9.       DN – Doncaster – 36%  

10.   LS – Leeds – 36%  

The data also uncovered that bikers incur the highest rate of bad luck in the month of September, with the greatest number of non-fault accidents across 16 years. Comparatively, January sees the fewest accidents.  Owners of different makes of motorcycles also experience varying degrees of fortune when it comes to who is at fault for accidents.  

The unluckiest manufacturers who suffer the highest rate of non-fault accidents:  

1.       Peugeot – 54% 

2.       Suzuki – 49% 

3.       Kawasaki – 48% 

4.       Honda – 48% 

5.       Aprilia – 47%  

The data reveals that well-known French motorcycle manufacturer Peugeot is twice as unlucky as KTM, with a smaller quarter of KTM bikers not at fault of their claims.  

Manufacturers with the lowest rate of non-fault accidents: 

1.       KTM – 24% 

2.       Ducati – 40% 

3.       Triumph – 43% 

4.       Vespa-Piaggio – 45% 

5.       BMW – 46%  

Commenting on the findings, Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing at Carole Nash, said: “It’s really alarming to see that many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider. It’s vitally important that car drivers are made aware that bikers are out on the roads, especially because there are far more non-fault claims than fault claims by motorcyclists.  

“I urge all road users, especially those in the ‘unluckiest’ areas that are at a higher risk, to take care and be considerate of motorcyclists.” 

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Interesting that Peugeot scooter riders tend to be more magnetic than Piaggio-Vespa scooter owners, when it comes to cars bashing into them. Maybe Piaggio riders are more cautious, or take more pride in their scooter than the typical Speedfight owner and navigate busy traffic with more care?

Shout out to sleepy Truro who made the top ten unlucky postcodes – that takes so me doing when winter traffic levels are probably as sparse as somewhere like Galashiels in Scotland, where only a flash sale on shortbread is likely to spark a rush hour.

Whatever you ride, the way to avoid errant drivers is to leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, slow down for junctions, make eye contact with drivers emerging from side roads, check your mirrors every 15 seconds or so in traffic and try to spot potential escape routes to avoid heavy braking in an emergency. It’s better to dodge and weave than hit the deck.

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