Social Distancing in Car Showrooms? There’s an App For That

In the wake of businesses reopening soon and the Government’s advice to avoid public transport, there are several predictions that we could see a bounce-back in car sales. An immediate consideration is how dealerships will manage the test drive whilst respecting social distancing measures – you don’t want someone sitting inside a car with two other people, effectively breathing the same air.

It is a duty of care issue, so car dealers need to have a think on how best to approach the problem.

One way forward is to provide unaccompanied test drives, yet the test drive remains a key differentiator for customers when they decide to purchase a vehicle. Then there’s the insurance issue if something goes wrong, or the car is stolen – will your insurer pay out?

Ignition Online has a solution: CoDriver, the perfect test drive companion.

Social Distancing
Autotrader research from April surveyed over 3,000 participants and found that:

  • 74% of customers are concerned about personal space
  • 84% of customers claimed an average or above average level of confidence in being able to afford their next vehicle purchase

These results indicate dealerships should see an increase in footfall by motivated buyer across the country. Many commentators have talked about the potential pent up demand that could lead to a bounce in the automotive market as customers look again at their own personal mobility.

But dealerships will need to restore buyer confidence to achieve sales. As the survey highlights: “You’ll need to be ready to operate differently…as customers will want/expect and government may mandate a very different experience.”

In order to take advantage of this anticipated opportunity, dealerships need to look at innovative ways to connect with their customers. CoDriver is the ideal solution.

CoDriver delivers pre-recorded content along a set route to give seamless information using GPS at precisely the correct point of the journey, every single time.

  • Drivers absorb specific product information about the vehicle
  • Capable of using multiple routes for multiple vehicles
  • Set-up is simple using an IOS compatible device
  • Safe/space to drive on their own or with close family

We provide all the support required, from start to finish. It’s a clever use of digital tech, proven and robust.

Contact the Ignition team to find out how CoDriver can bring a new dimension to your test drive experience. Start selling cars again by offering an experience that meets the needs of today.

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