Inaugural Employee Incentives & Benefits Conference: Dubai Feb 26th

The First Workers Incentives and End of Service Benefits Conference & Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates will be held at the Intercontinental, Festival City, Dubai on February 26th under the patronage of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources for the first time. The event will be organized by Mondial Dubai LLC, the leading financial advisory firm in the UAE on the subject of “severance pay” strategies. Amidst the participation of a distinguished gathering of speakers, business leaders from both the government and private sectors both in the region and internationally.

The gathering aims to open a constructive community discussion on the system of end-of-service rewards in the UAE and launch an annual platform to attract experts and stakeholders to present new ideas and perspectives on the current state and the future of end-of-service reward systems within the UAE. The intention is to raise UAE standards to compete with the best global strategies for the attraction of quality employees.

The conference embodies the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to “transform happiness into a lifestyle in the UAE community, and provide happiness for citizens and residents in the country as a lofty goal which the government seeks to attain.”

The first of it’s kind in the UAE conference will review the nature of the relationship between employees and employers in the UAE over the whole day. Established as well as innovative solutions to manage end of service benefits, enhancing their gains and returns between the two parties to the contractual business relationship.

Commenting on The First Workers Incentives and End of Service Benefits Conference, H.E. Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Mannan Al Awar, Director General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources said: “We wish to improve the work environment for Employee Benefits and the rights of employees in the UAE. It is a vital topic for all stakeholders in the UAE and the world. UAE is a regional pioneer in following the best global practices in supporting and providing a strong foundation for a productive and fair business environment. Our goal is to increase productivity to the benefit of employers and employees, and the national economy in general”

Dr. Al-Awar continued “The Conference on Employment Incentives and Compensation Awards goals are aligned with the Human Resources Strategy of the Federal Government 2017-2021, which revolves around developing and implementing an integrated legislative system to manage, promote and develop human capital in the federal government to achieve global leadership and create happy and motivating work environment for the human capital of the government, and ensure the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality and efficiency and transparency, and instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment.

The First Workers Incentives and End of Service Benefits Conference will contribute in achieving the required balance between the economic and social developments that we are witnessing, including the end of service benefits” He added.

The Conference, sponsored by numerous governmental and private institutions involved in the business sectors will host platforms for Trustees, expert houses, pension consulting offices, and asset management consultants.

Sean Kelleher, CEO of Mondial Financial Consultancy the organiser of the conference commented: “The issue of end-of-service benefits falls within the broader theme of financial well-being, which in turn addresses the dilemma of the relationship between money and employer management on the one hand and employee happiness on the other hand. In this sense, our conference and exhibition discuss the problems of the relationship between the employee and his company. Wellness studies show that the more focused employees are on their jobs, free from financial stress, the better the return on investment. He added: “The importance of The First Workers Incentives and End of Service Benefits Conference is to promote the lead in the UAE in innovation and the adoption of international best practices in this regard.”.

“End-of-service benefits are an important indicator of the economic and social well-being of any economic entity. The developments in the labour market have led to the emergence & evolutions of approaches and systems to manage these changes. We understand that the concept of managing end-of-service benefits flows is in its early stages  in the UAE, but we are confident that it will achieve  great interest among employers and employees in the public and private sectors.” said Sean Kelleher, CEO of Mondial Financial Consultancy.

The First Workers Incentives and End of Service Benefits conference includes a number of seminars and panel discussions to discuss a variety of topics, most notably the repercussions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on working conditions and the nature of the relationship between employers and employees, the challenges facing the retirement plans at the level of an ageing population and the challenges of sustainability and adequacy within retirement plans , as well as managing the gap between employers current positions and how to fund end of service programs in accordance with UAE Law.

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