Joins the Alexa Voice Search Revolution is once again revolutionising comparison, this time using voice activation, social media and app technology.

As part of the move, has launched the first-ever Alexa Skill and Facebook Messenger tool for comparing car insurance. The brand has also enhanced the app with a range of additional features. The brand’s strategic move aims to offer people a faster means of comparing car insurance across multiple channels as they adopt new technologies and occupy new spaces. In fact, a report by PWC says that one in five (22%) households own a smart assistant device, while 31% plan on purchasing one1.

The new Alexa skill allows existing customers to get a full car insurance quote without having to answer a single question. Once customers have enabled the skill and linked their account, all they have to do is say ‘Alexa, ask to find me cheap car insurance’ and the device will tell you the price of the cheapest policy. It will send you a list of your top quotes to your email address, so you can go through to purchase with a single click. The skill is designed to streamline the process of shopping around at point of renewal. It launches at a time when the FCA is making switching even faster after challenging insurers to make it easier for customers cancel their existing policy.

It doesn’t stop there. is also launching on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to get a car insurance quote estimate using number plate recognition or a personalised car insurance price for existing customers in seconds. The car insurance quote estimate is particularly useful for people who are looking to buy a second hand car, as it also gives you a range of details about the vehicle, including its MOT history, tax status, engine size, make, model and more, to help you make a decision.

Customers can also get a quote in seconds from the app, as well as a range of new features, including MOT, tax and car insurance reminders and a place to track the Rewards you receive when you buy car or home insurance via

Louise O’Shea, CEO at, said: “Many people compare car insurance via our website, but we know there is an increasing appetite (and expectation) to be able to access services like ours via multiple channels. We can see this from a 12% increase in the number of people using their mobiles to compare car insurance since October last year.

“We want to give our customers the convenience of comparing car insurance in places they spend a lot of time, like in their home or on the move, whether that be on Facebook or on an app.

“Whoever thought that asking Alexa a straightforward question or chatting to us on Facebook Messenger could save you hundreds of pounds?”


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